"This DVD is the perfect companion for anyone who travels or has an unpredictable schedule. We use it on the road to get our energy up for shows, and also to relax afterwards. Thanks Eve." – Maroon 5

"Eve Baldwin has blessed our yoga community with this unique and beautiful creation. Yoga Short & Sweet, a DVD for 'beginners and busy people' has five different 10-minute selections and two 2-minute meditations. Each session is taught with intelligence and professionalism, adding a twist of several refreshing and exciting ventures to increase my interest and energy. Each of my senses are stimulated as Eve guides her movements in a calm, clear voice to a setting of vibrant visuals. I highly recommend this DVD for everyone, especially those who wish to add a touch of creativity to their practice." – LA Yoga Magazine Lori Denman, Photojournalist

"Eve's yoga teaching has transformed my body, my day-to-day life...even my art." – Joss Whedon Writer/Creator Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse

"I love this DVD! On busy days it keeps my body fit and my mind calm." – Lori Loughlin Actress, Full House, 90210

"Eve is a bright light in the yoga sky. I highly recommend it." – Larry Payne, Ph.D Co-Author 'Yoga For Dummies', Founder/Director of Yoga Therapy, RX, Loyola Marymount University

"Yoga is one of the most highly effective tools in preventative medicine. Yoga Short & Sweet is an excellent resource for health, vitality and longevity." – Keith L. Black, MD World Renowned Brain Surgeon, Author and Researcher, Chairman, Dept. of Neurosurgery, Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles

"Eve is the health professional I seek out when my structure and energies have gotten out of balance. Through her skill, caring and magic, I get off her table feeling restored. This has been the case for the past ten years. She is a treasure." – Benjamin Shield Ph.D, Internationally recognized educator, Author, Rolfer and craniosacral therapist

"Eve Baldwin is an example of 'compassion in action.' She loves to help, heal and empower; you can feel it in her healing hands. Eve's devotion for the sacred is alive and apparent in her work. I highly recommend her." – Max Strom Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, DVD author and founder of Sacred Movement/Exhale Spa, Venice, CA

‘Eve’s massage technique is unique.....physically rewarding, mentally relaxing, spiritually complete. She’s fabulous.’-Harold L. Karpman, M.D. Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA School of Medicine

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