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I have been a full-time, self-employed massage therapist for 24 years. 'What type of massage do you do?'  is the first question most people ask. One of my clients recently said, 'There are a lot of people who do massage, but no one does what you do.' My gift of touch is grounded on the foundation of safety, adaptability, intuition and consistency.

Safety. In order for a person to relax, release and be open to assistance, an atmosphere of trust is of utmost importance. I regard each person's body as sacred space. I do my best to create an environment of honoring, caring & deep acceptance.

Adaptability. I adapt to the needs of the individual in the moment. This can take the form of a very nurturing, gentle, fluid, swedish/Esalen massage; very strong deep tissue work including acupressure/shiatsu; acting as a fix-it mechanic for pain relief~low back, neck, shoulders, scar tissue, sciatica, headaches, etc; special conditions such as pregnancy, pre/post op surgery; facilitating a release of deeply held emotions; and/or holding space for a transporting shamanic transformational life altering experience to occur.   For the end of the session, I created a balancing technique which helps unwind deeply held stress & tension, equalizing the right (solar) & left (lunar) sides of the body resulting in a more harmonious flow of energy throughout the whole system.

Intuition. One of my gifts is being able to attune my instrument to intuit the technique, pressure or energetic frequency needed to create more space inside. When there is space, there is healing and a return to true essence. I am often able to hear the body communicate on physical, emotional & spiritual levels. I listen carefully, adapting my tools accordingly.

Consistency. A client of 12 years recently said to me, 'You are the most consistent massage therapist I have ever known. I always know the high quality I'm going to get.'  I have a strong work ethic, holding myself to standards of diligent, conscientious professional integrity.                  I attribute my consistency to lifestyle choices. I practice yoga & meditation daily, have a clean diet, commune with nature, dance & sing, intend for clear, kind communication, and surround myself with loving people. I make it a priority to be fully present with positive energy and do my absolute best for each person, every session.

CA License #57921
 Insured: Hands-On Trade Association

"As a Hollywood creature choreographer, stunt performer and actor, I am often in head-to-toe full body regalia contorting & thrashing about for hours. I go to Eve because she is The Greatest. She's strong, thorough, sensitive and soulful. Eve makes time stop."

~Mark Steger, Los Angeles

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