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I never planned to become a healer.

At age 12, I chose to be an actor. At 18, Homecoming Queen and recipient of the largest scholarship of my graduating class, I headed fresh into college and…into my first major healing crisis.     I had no idea how to manage my energy or emotions. Erratic lifestyle, studying all night, toxic food, drinking, a few drugs. Blindsided by the shock of leaving my parents, sister, friends and small familiar mountain town, I crashed. Hard. Unable to function from debilitating anxiety attacks & severe depression (wreaking havoc on my hormonal system) and pumped with detrimental psych meds, my existence became about survival. Forced to leave school, I returned to live with my parents who by then had moved to a new city. It was a nightmare I could never have imagined.
And so began my healing journey.

My path of service evolves from the priorities I believe to be of life necessity coupled with my innate gifts: loving touch and healing yoga.            My personalized yoga practice (from my mentor in the Krishnamacharya lineage) is how I experience the most integration, stabilization and transformation on a daily basis. Through this ‘simple’ breath-centered moving meditation, layers of resistance, ego, addiction, fear, childhood wounding, societal programming and false personality are dissolved. A lighter self emerges…re-organized, energized, calm, patient, kind and clear. Obstacles are removed, allowing for an experience of true essence.
It’s taken years of rigorous internal & external investigation (plus two more life threatening episodes) to discover how to live in health with a solid foundation. In my quest, I’ve personally experienced over 40 different types of alternative healing modalities. I’ve learned a lot. I’m still learning. Through the depths of my own suffering, like the lotus flower needing the darkness as fuel to bloom into the light, I am now crowned with jewels of immense compassion and ability to help others on their journey. Many of the artists I envisioned working with as an actor, instead became clients. The magical mystery of life…

The healing profession found me.
It gives my soul great joy to share my touch and teachings with you.

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"Eve is the health professional I seek out when my structure and energies have gotten out of balance. Through her skill, caring and magic, I get off her table feeling restored. This has been the case for the past fifteen years. She is a treasure."

– Dr. Benjamin Shield Ph.D Internationally recognized educator, author, Rolfer and craniosacral therapist

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